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Sedna Granite Countertop Sample
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Pricing and Availability
Sedna Granite
Sedna Granite pricing is dependant on several variables such as:
  • Square footage of your project
  • Type of sink and range cutouts
Because East Coast Granite of Charlotte is the largest countertop fabricator in Charlotte, NC:
  • We will always have the best price in the area
  • We will work hard to meet your expectations and budget

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Sedna Granite Island Countertop

Design Options For Sedna Granite

Sedna Granite countertops are an exotic option for your kitchen or island. This rare material is sure to be a focal point in your space with its deep black background combined with veins of orange and gold that create an attention-grabbing surface as it swirls across this countertop.

Sedna Granite with Cabinets

Light Cabinets Create Contrast With Sedna Granite

Sedna Granite countertops create contrast and interest whenever they are used, but this is especially noticeable with lighter kitchen cabinets. Sedna truly shines and makes a statement when paired with lighter cabinets. This combination helps to create the impression of more open space. It is especially good at making smaller spaces brighter. So, if you want to create more of an impact, go with White, Antique White, or even a light Dove Gray cabinet.

Sedna Granite and Dark Cabinets Are Becoming Popular

Sedna Granite countertops with darker shades of black and gray with golden variations look spectacular paired with darker cabinets. Sedna Granite creates more of an intense or dramatic vibe when paired with dark cabinets. Cinder colored cabinets would look amazing with Sedna Granite. Cinder cabinets are between a dark brown and dark gray. Because of their distinctive color, they bring out the unique color variations in Sedna Granite countertops. Espresso cabinets are also becoming a very trendy choice recently. Espresso is a deep, dark, rich color between brown and black. These cabinets used with Sedna granite countertops can produce a very modern look for your kitchen or bathroom space.

Warm Wood Tone Cabinets With Sedna Granite

Wood tone cabinets seem to be the most popular choice to use with Sedna Granite. Lately, the lighter wood tones are more in demand. Wood tone cabinets are now being produced in the Shaker style, allowing for a sleeker more modern design.  Dark wood raised panel cabinets paired with Sedna will definitely give a moretraditional feel. The wood tone you choose should highlight the natural brown and gold in the granite itself. 


Tile Choices to Complement Sedna Granite

There are many choices of tile backsplashes to choose as the perfect addition to your granite countertops. A lighter tile backsplash would definitely stand out against Sedna’s darker dramatic veining and brighten your space. A monochromatic tile with an interesting shape could be the perfect choice for this design. Subway tile is a classic design that never goes out of style. The white subway tile chosen for this bathroom allows the striking Sedna Granite to make a statement on its own. There are also mosaic tile backsplashes that can complement Sedna Granite and its many beautiful colors. The homeowners of this kitchen opted for one of our mosaic tile backsplashes. This backsplash contains a series of different muted tones that complement the colors of this amazing granite. It just comes down to personal taste!


Leathered Finish

Polished or Honed Finish Both Look Amazing

Sedna Granite is available in a popular polished or honed finish. A polished finish makes granite appear shiny and glossy. The polishing process really makes the gold swirling veins radiate and glow, reflecting light in your space. The honed finish gives it a matte or satiny finish. Sedna Granite with a honed finish looks amazing in a rustic or modern farmhouse kitchen design. 

Elevate Your Space With Sedna Granite

Sedna Granite is a versatile and visually striking choice for kitchen countertops, offering a wide range of design possibilities. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, pairing Sedna Granite with the right cabinet colors and tile backsplash choices can elevate your kitchen to new heights of style and sophistication. Take the time to explore different combinations and find the one that best suits your personal taste and design style.


Install Images for Sedna Granite

Sedna Granite Island Countertop

Sedna Granite Island Countertop

Sedna Granite Full Kitchen Countertops

Sedna Granite Full Kitchen Countertops

Sedna Granite Powder Room Vanity Top

Sedna Granite Powder Room Vanity Polished

Sedna Granite Countertop Peninsula

Sedna Granite Countertop Peninsula

Sedna Granite Countertop

Sedna Granite Countertop

Sedna Granite Countertops
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